Denny & Boulton, P.C. is committed to helping taxpayers resolve their IRS and Arizona state tax issues.  Taxation is an overly complicated area of the law.  That is why we limit our practice to only tax related matters.  Doing so, we are able to stay current on the tax code and help secure the best possible outcome for our clients.  We offer the services necessary to represent our clients from beginning to end no matter how simple or complicated their tax matter is.

Maybe you are considering taking the first step towards becoming a business owner.  We can help you consider the pros and cons of each business entity, whether your goal is to limit your liability or to reduce your taxes.  We can discuss whether you should operate as a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company, S corp, or regular C corporation.  We can also discuss the default taxation of each entity and when and how it might be beneficial to elect to be taxed as something else.

Maybe it’s been a long time since you filed your tax returns (our record is 25 years) and you’re scared to file this year because the IRS is going to find out and take everything from you.  Don’t be scared.  We can request wage and income transcripts from the IRS to help prepare un-filed tax returns.  We prepare un-filed tax returns and current year tax returns for individuals and businesses including partnerships (1065), S Corps (1120S) and Corporations (1120).  We can advise business owners with employees of their employment tax obligations and filing requirements (941/940 for FICA/FUTA).  We also prepare amended returns.

Maybe you are being audited by the IRS or state taxing authority.  We can help you through the audit process and make sure you are receiving the best possible outcome.

Maybe the IRS has already attempted to collect from you and you’ve received a wage garnishment or a bank account levy.  Or maybe the IRS has filed a tax lien against you and it is showing up on your personal credit report.  You have options.  We can negotiate the release of the garnishment, levy, or tax lien and discuss collection alternatives such as Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible Status, and Bankruptcy.  Each option provides you with reasonable  living expenses so you are able to settle your tax liability on your terms while still being able to provide for yourself and your family.

You might have a bank account overseas and your foreign bank is sending you letters about “FATCA.”  We can discuss your reporting requirements including Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARs).  We can also discuss disclosing the foreign bank account or foreign security through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) or the Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures.

No matter where you are in the process, we can help!  The first step (and often the most difficult) is picking up the phone to make that first call.  We are here to help.